Sunday, July 19, 2009

And Then I Saw No Frizz...Now I'm a Believer

This product has most definitely earned a permanent spot in my beauty closet. I have tried so so very many de-frizzing products over the years, that I eventually gave up on finding one that actually worked...and turned into a frizz-free cynic to boot. I just kind of resigned to the fact that I am stuck with a huge mane of frizzy hair, post-blow- drying, that absolutely requires a flat-iron to look decent enough to walk out the door. And woof, you don't even want to see my hair after air-drying.

While I'll admit I haven't tried the air-dry yet (it is truly frightening), the results I've seen from this product after blow-drying are phenomenal. My hair is so much smoother - and I have cut my flat-ironing time down by over 50% (I still need to iron out some kinks here and there, plus I have bangs). I use the "straight-making" formula for medium to thick hair. They also have formulas for fine to medium, and thick to coarse - as well as formulas for curly hair.

This product was developed by a scientist at MIT - as if I didn't think they were geniuses already.

Get more info about this product here - a 4 oz. bottle will cost you $24.


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