Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Shiseido + Cotton Pads = Blogworthy

I know, I know. I'm blogging about glorified cotton pads. COTTON PADS for crying out loud!! But have not tried the cotton pads in question. And yours truly is in sheer disbelief and shock that she has not stumbled across these little miracles sooner.

I can't tell you how many cotton pads I've tried - I always look for and try the "premium" types that promise not to disintegrate on your face....and what happens? They promptly leave little cotton streaks on my face.

But no longer will this sort of thing happen to me, oh no. For a mere $9.50 (I know it's cotton but TRUST ME), you get the softest, most durable little cotton warriors you can find. Since I've been tissue-ing my facial cleanser off, these little darlings help remove every trace of dirt/makeup while keeping my skin so amazingly soft. There is enough to last you a good while in the package, and trust me my little dears, you will not be going back to Target for your cotton pads.

Check these out here.


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