Friday, March 26, 2010

3 Words: Peter. Thomas. Roth.

I am utterly and completely having a love affair with Peter Thomas Roth products at present.  So far, everything I've tried has been so effective - with fast results, too.  I plan on telling you all about 3 more products I'm loving right now, but let's start with this fab mascara.  First of all, product fanatics, how can you casually walk by a mascara called "Lashes To Die For?"  Yeah, who wants lashes to die for anyway?  Uh huh, that's what I thought.  Moving on.

So I actually had no idea PTR made a mascara - I knew about his day and night treatments that promise to bless you with longer fringe (haven't tried them), but was not privy to this product.  I was going to buy Clinique's new lengthening mascara and my Sephora gal suggested this one instead.  I'm glad she did. 

The product low-down:  Formulated without parabens, sulfates, etc etc, this mascara promises to be your one-way ticket to clump-free, soft, defined, lengthened, non-smudging, flakeless, swoon-worthy lashes.  I'll bat my eyes to that.  Obviously, this product delivers and does what it says it will do, or I wouldn't be writing this glowing review (wouldn't that be quite the curve ball).  My eye lashes love this formula, and not only feel soft and conditioned, but appear longer and more voluminous.  It also seems to get better and better with continued usage - no promise for that from the product that I know of, just personal opinion. 

Get it here for $22. 


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