Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Luscious Hair

As if I could possibly love Living Proof any more (I previously reviewed the Straight-making formula here, and the smoothing shampoo/conditioner here) they release this new Full Thickening Cream.  Oddly, I wanted to try this product - even though I have pretty thick hair (okay, okay, frizzy, confused, wavy, etc.) to begin with.  Maybe it was my fantasty slow-mo image of me frolicking in a field of daisies with long, luscious, billowing hair that attracted me to try it...who knows.  Regardless, I tried it.  And loved it.  And continue to love it.  This product did not make my hair go into freakishly huge mode as other volumizing products have done in the past (thank you, Mom, for buying me the wrong formula in high school - another story for another time).  In fact, it really did just make it luscious and full....and super soft to boot!  I also found that it helped define my layers nicely (my hair probably hits about 3 inches below my collar bone and has long layers).  I may have pretended to be in a music video while blow drying my newly full, yet smooth locks - but I guess that's just for me to know.  :)

Make everyone jealous of your beautifully full head of hair by grabbing this product at Sephora - or click here.  $24.00.


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