Friday, February 27, 2009

Bright-Eyed and Bushy-Tailed: How-To #1

I lied...I don't think I can help with tail bushiness.  In fact, please go to the doctor immediately if you even have a tail.  Now that we have that out of the way, let's get to little tricks to make you appear well rested.  

Did you know that you can buy 8 hours of sleep at your local drug store?  Seriously!!  Or a department store, if you prefer.  I think the best component of the "looking more awake" set is a yellow concealer stick.  The yellow is used directly under your eyes, over any darkness you may have there.  I like to start with my primer (green shade from Smashbox, remember) so that the concealer glides on and is easier to blend.  It's really amazing to me how much this one trick helps.  But we're not going to stop there, oh no.  What happens next is a matter of preference...mine is a little shimmer over the yellow concealer to further brighten the area.  Some prefer more of a matte look; in that case, rub some pressed powder on your fingertip and press it over the concealer.  If you want a little shimmy shimmy, I like a product called Doubleglow 7 (clever, huh) by Du Wop.  My only gripe about this product is the packaging - curiously, it is in a little round container and is a little difficult to use as a result.  To keep it from collecting under your fingernails, I recommend using a small concealer brush (which makes application easier anyway).  Either brush or press the Doubleglow 7 or similar product over the concealer.  The last step to creating a great wide-awake look is to line the inner corners of your eyes with a pearly-white eye pencil.  Follow with your normal makeup routine.  Voila...good morning, beautiful!!        


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