Saturday, February 28, 2009

Foodie Find #1: Glass Chimney Bar Special

Given the fine state of our economy at present, my hunch is that many folks are looking for some great dining deals.  I can surely understand the desire to stay home and eat as it certainly saves some money, but the reality is that local restaurants are small businesses and need some support too.  So...even if you're scaling back right now, there are definitely some options available if you can't stand the thought of cooking at home for the 20th night in a row. Here is one option (and my personal favorite):

The Glass Chimney Restaurant and Bar in Carmel has been a beloved staple for many, many years.  My parents would dine there when I was little, and I literally envisioned a fancy-schmancy restaurant made of glass...but that's beside the point.  To jump back on track, The Glass Chimney offers a monthly bar special that is seriously one of the best deals around - they change the offering each month, but you get whatever the special is and usually a side dish of some sort and the choice of a beer or wine for around $14.00.  YES - I said $14.00.  For dinner.  And let me just add that they do not skimp on portions.  For March, the special is fish and chips, which is described as "...a lightly breaded Basa fish served with french fries, cole slaw, and malt vinegar."  Hello, delicious!!  

Not only is the food amazingly good, the atmosphere is wonderful as well.  From the cozy den-like feel of the bar area to the ever so helpful Denny (who has been at the Glass Chimney for 20+ years), you are sure to have an enjoyable evening here.  I have eaten here many, many times and can honestly report that every meal has been exquisite.  Oh, and if you're contemplating a great first date (especially with someone you're wanting to impress), this is highly recommended.    

If you'd like more info on this restaurant, click here.  

Happy Dining!

XOXO, Tiff


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