Monday, June 15, 2009

Test Beauty Products + Review Them = Free Beauty Booty

I am a huge dork about trying new things and an even bigger dork about getting free stuff. The pinnacle of my dorkdom has been achieved with this opportunity (along with the snazzy puzzle books-remember, loyal readers??). Collective Wellbeing is a company that produces natural products for skin, body, and hair - I think they sell their goods at places like Whole Foods, etc. If you go to their website, you might notice a spot that says "Top Secret Study in Progress!" Oooooh....mysterious. Click on it, and it takes you to a survey. Fill it out, and you may be selected to test some new products. Test some new products and snag a $25 gift certificate to use on their site. You'll notice, if you look around a little, that their products are super affordable. I got the honey scrub (I LOVE EXFOLIATION!), and a pumice/peppermint buffing bar for the feet to keep them super happy between pedis (and had a little money left over). Just a fun little something something to brighten your day. Who doesn't love free stuff?!?

XOXO, Tiff.

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  1. I have searched for all types of freebies and different products to test and keep with no hidden charges. And I haven't had any luck if anyone knows where to find any sites that offer products to test and keep with no hidden fees please email me at
    Thank you so much, I look forward to checking out different reply's I receive. Much appreciated.


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