Thursday, April 1, 2010

Battle of the Brushes....Coming Soon!

Sunsilk has re-vamped and teamed up with NYC fashionrunway hair stylist Teddy Charles to bring you 10 fabulous new products.  To celebrate this collaboration and spread the love, Sunsilk and Teddy Charles are hitting 8 cities around the U.S. 

A "Battle of the Brushes" will ensue at each tour stop, where two top local stylists will go head-to-head in a competition to crown one stylist's look "runway worthy!"  The stylists will be using the new products in Sunsilk's line as their inspiration - and they won't know what those products will be until the competition (very Iron Chef - how fun!). 

What's in it for you?  Not only are you guaranteed a little fun in your day, but if you are one of the first 50 shoppers to arrive, you will snag a new Sunsilk product, as well as the chance to have a hair consultation with Teddy and his team! 

I will be serving as the "beauty expert" judge in Indianapolis on April 9th - come out and see me!  In addition, stay tuned to Beauty Buddy as Sunsilk has graciously sent some new products my way...I will surely let you know all about them! 

Click this link and get your Sunsilk products at

Battle of the Brushes Tour Schedule (all events begin at noon):

1.  Friday, April 9 - Indianapolis, IN at Castleton Square Mall (we snagged the first stop!)
2.  Thursday, April 22 - Dallas, TX at Irving Mall
3.  Friday, April 23 - Nashville, TN at Opry Mills
4.  Thursday, April 29 - Tampa, FL at Tyrone Square Mall
5.  Thursday, May 6 - Las Vegas, NV at Forum Shops
6.  Friday, May 7 - Phoenix, AZ at Arizona Mills Mall
7.  Thursday, May 13 - Oklahoma City, OK at Penn Square Mall
8.  Friday, May 14 - Houston, TX at Galleria Mall

Hope to see you Indy friends next Friday! 


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