Monday, April 5, 2010

Hello, Giveaway.

I am in a super fantastic terrific mood.  As a result, I have decided to gift one special reader with a sweet little new bath and body collection from Victoria's Secret.  The new Pink line is fab -not only does it leave my skin super soft, the scents are great as well.  My personal fave out of the 3 scents available is the vanilla & shea butter (citrus & mint and cucumber & waterlily are also available).  It's so warm and soothing - and I know, I know it's getting warmer outside, but who doesn't love some good vanilla scents?  I can't even explain how much I love the sugar scrub - it has the perfect grain to it and gets a little sudsy.  

Here's what you get:  Pink Feel Soft Go Natural sugar scrub, body wash, and body mist in Vanilla & Shea Butter ($36 value). 

Become a fan of Pretty Indy on Facebook and tell us your favorite, can't live without it beauty product and why - we'll pick a winner on Monday.  If you're not on Facebook, leave us a comment here! 
Good luck!



  1. I just moved to Indianapolis and am figuring out this living alone thing. At the same time I'm learning what it is like to have a full-time job at a real PR firm. It can be stressful to work all day and have no one around to vent to at night. I'm loving my new life, but something PINK would definitely make it a little easier!

    After a night of work I'd love to lather up and treat myself to a relaxing night of guilty pleasure tv. :)

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  3. I am probably your biggest fan!! I am a dedicated Beauty Buddy follower and look forward to all your new posts. I feel like I am so deserving of this special treat because I was totally overlooked by the Easter Bunny this year. I'm sure he was just so busy leaving baskets for everyone else that he just couldn't get around to me. In case I win my email address is

  4. Mine is for sure Bobbi Brown foaming face cleanser. I have tried 13097659 face washes and this is the only one that smells great..makes my skin feel awesome..and just makes me feel clean and fresh. I love the VS Pink beauty line. Thanks for the giveaway!


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