Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Peter Thomas Roth: Second Obsession Worthy Product

I have been through approximately 2.5 years of trying to figure out what the H*&L is wrong with my skin...clearly this hasn't been a frustrating journey.  My skin totally changed as I got into my late 20's, and I started breaking out like crazy on my cheeks (my CHEEKS!).  As I started to treat my skin like a full blown case of acne (it wasn't), I now understand that I only irritated my skin further, thus causing more breakouts, and on and on it went.  Vicious cycle, indeed.  I had a chemical peel, which basically felt like my face was being pressed against the sun.  Not that such a procedure isn't a good idea - for me, I'm not so sure it was the right route at that time.  Anyway.  The one positive is that I've learned a lot along the way, and I have finally figured out that yes, I do have a "congested" complexion that requires some level of treatment - and I've finally figured out that perfect level of treatment with the aid of PTR's gentle (key word) complexion correction pads.

Holy moly, these pads are miracle workers.  They only have .5% salicylic acid, in comparison to the more heavy duty 2% in a lot of acne-fighting products.  Super easy on the skin, they deliver just the amount of treatment my skin needs to remain clear.  And because they're so gentle, you can use them once or twice daily.  I noticed improvement immediately, and my skin has really remained clear since I started using these.  An added bonus?  They smell peachy, and not like medicine.    I wash my face, swipe one of these over my skin, use my new fave serum (in an upcoming post, I know you're excited), and I'm good to go. 

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