Monday, March 23, 2009

Fake a Flawless Face - My Favorite Components: Step 1

I will be posting a series this week highlighting my favorite components of a "flawless" face; trust me, my skin is FAR from flawless, but these products help me fake it. I've tried tons and tons of product combinations, and the products I'll be mentioning are my favorites thus far.

First and foremost, one of the most important things you can do in your makeup routine is to make sure that your skin is fully prepped for the makeup you're about to use. If your canvas is rough or dry, your makeup will reflect, and even highlight, the uneven-ness of your skin. Make sure your skin is appropriately moisturized (*probably the most important component of healthy, happy skin = moisture!) and begin your routine with a great primer.

You've probably seen primers on the market, but do you know what they do and why they are amazing? The point of a primer is to provide a smooth, even canvas upon which to build your "face," and it does this by filling in fine lines and evening out your skin texture. The result is that makeup glides on your skin and is much, much easier to blend.

My favorite line of primers comes from Smashbox (I know, I know...I heart Smashbox) and suits a variety of needs. They have a clear, regular primer called Photo Finish, and they also have 3 color correcting primers (green to counteract redness in skin, apricot for under-eye circles, veins, and sunspots, and lavender to even out yellow skintones). I currently use the green primer, and have used the clear primer in the past. It seriously makes your skin feel like silk. For people with oily skin, Smashbox sells an oil-free version of Photo Finish.

I can't say enough how much I love a good primer - it makes the makeup routine a whole lot easier and your skin a whole lot more flawless looking. To that, I say, "Yes, please."

Happy priming........XOXO, Tiff.

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