Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sass up your Shoes!!

I just found an adorable website that sells shoe clips.  This is an unbelievably easy way to change the look of a plain pair of shoes...and the clips are adorable.  The website is called Absolutely Audrey (cute already, right?) and you can visit it here.  

Shoe clips are categorized in three ways: vintage, chic, and bridal (!!).  As a gal who recently got married, I can tell you that bridal shoes, I mean - really, really great bridal shoes, are hard to come by unless you're willing to spend gobs of cash.  In my case, after hearing the "cha-ching" sound one too many times during the planning process, spending a ton on shoes was not in the realm of practical possibilities.  Here, you can find a great pair of satin pumps and attach a pretty clip to them and, voila!!  Beeeeeee-u-ti-full shoes you have for your wedding day.  

Otherwise, how many plan pairs of shoes do you have?  And speaking of your shoes - how tired are you of the shoes you own?  I know we're tired of hearing and talking about our terrible economy, but here is a great solution.  I'm thinking going out and indulging in some shoe shopping is not in the budget right now for many, so what a great option.  Buy some shoe clips (most appear to be in the $10-$25 range) and BAM!  New shoes for you.  I love it!  

New shoes for $10-$25?  Yes, I think I will, please.  

Happy shoe embellishing.......XOXO - Tiff  

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