Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Fake a Flawless Face - My Favorite Components: Step 2

Step numero dos to creating a flawless face is to summon the powers of great concealers. I say concealers, plural, because they come in a multitude of colors - specific to your personal skin needs.

My hands down, no questions asked, favorite normal concealer is from Nars. It is super creamy and blendable (seriously, how many times has your concealer been dry and cakey - actually bringing MORE attention to what you are wanting to conceal...sheesh). Their formula contains Vitamin E, which looooooves skin and is very moisturizing. This stuff literally melts into your skin. I like to use it under my eyes for brightening purposes (when I don't need to call on my friend 'yellow concealer' for help), on blemishes, and around my nose.

A makeup artist at Nars once gave me a few tricks that I now cannot live without...she recommended using a small concealer brush to apply the concealer right up to my lower lash line under my eyes - this creates a very blended, flawless look....and really brightens your eye area. In addition, she used the concealer on my nose and around my nostrils - I am not kidding, this made my ENTIRE face look even. I am one who has a lot of redness around my nose, and I was absolutely amazed at the difference this step made. Specifically, there is redness right at the base of my nostrils...this concealer is perfectly blendable for such an awkward spot. Again, I recommend using the brush for more precise application.

Click here for more info regarding the NARS concealer....my shade is honey if you need a frame of reference.

For more targeted skin issues, colored concealers can help a tremendous amount. I have had great success with Maybelline...I have the green and yellow colors. The green correction concealer is great for counteracting redness - so if you have a blemish that is really red and angry, use a little green AROUND the blemish - not on top - to suck that redness out. If you have darkness under your eyes, use a yellow corrective concealer to even the skin tone.  

Conceal to reveal, that's my motto.....XOXO, Tiff.  

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