Saturday, March 14, 2009

Mission: Beautiful Hair

Okay, so I have to admit that I am not brand loyal when it comes to, well, pretty much any product out there on the market...sorry brands. However, when it comes to a shampoo and conditioner I think I have been transformed into a one brand gal. The brand is...drum roll please..Ojon. Their products are absolutely wonderful. I have been using Ojon since November of last year and can totally tell the difference in the texture and the sheen of my hair. Did I mention that I absolutely love it!!! Being a girl that goes to the salon and gets highlights (I mean, yes this is my natural color) I need a shampoo and conditioner that is actually going to live up to the fancy description on the bottle. And, believe me, it does.
Not only do the products give you the beautiful hair that you have always wanted, but it comes with a pretty cool background story as well. Ojon is inspired by rare palm nut oil found in the tropical Ojon tree. For over 500 years the people of the Tawira village, living along the coast of Honduras, have been using this rich Ojon oil as their secret to their beautiful hair and skin. This unique tree grows only in the rainforest of the Mosquitia region of Central America. Interesting enough, the Miskito Indians are referred to as Tawira Indians, which means “the people of beautiful hair”. And, if you like companies that like to give back, Ojon has also set up a partnership with the Tawira village to help them with rebuilding their village without trying to modernize them into a totally different society.
Because I was a little skeptical at first (mostly because of the price point), I actually bought the travel sizes at Sephora first, then quickly went back to buy the big guys. Totally Worth It!
If you would like to check out Ojon you can do so at Sephora or just visit Ojon (where you can also read more about the company and their products).



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