Thursday, March 12, 2009

Go Get This Body Wash NOW!

Ok, don't have to go now, but soon.  In my efforts to curb spending, I have been relying more on drugstore brands for body wash, hair care, etc.  A recent find is a new body wash by Caress, called "Evenly Gorgeous."  This is an exfoliating wash, and lathers like nothing you've seen before.  And who doesn't like a luxurious lather?  It is super moisturizing....and did I mention the smell?  Oh, the delicious smell.  The bottle says "burnt brown sugar," so it ends up smelling like a soapy dark vanilla.  My skin feels happy, I smell great, and my skin tone is more even....that makes me one happy camper.  All for around $4.00?  Even better.    

Get your free sample by going here.    

Oh, you smell delicious!  XOXO, Tiff.  

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