Monday, February 22, 2010

I Heart Korres

Dear Readers - meet Korres makeup sets. Korres makeup sets - meet dear readers. Now that we're all well acquainted and feel all comfy with each other, we can talk openly about how awesome these kits are.
I love Korres products anyway (see this previous post), but these kits put me over the moon, if you will. I particularly adore the Smokey Eyes Made Easy kit - "made easy" is an understatement. While I am no makeup artist, I think I know my way around makeup application enough to follow some directions - but somehow, with other kits, my makeup has never ended up looking the way it is supposed to. With this kit, the directions are super easy, and VOILA! You look just like the model (well, the makeup at least) when you're finished. The 4 eyecolors are gorgeous enough on their own, and the lip gloss is the most perfect color to compliment a smokey eye. I adore the eyeliner - it's easy to apply and smudgeable. The mascara is nourishing and buildable for beautimous lashes.
Oh, and the price? $39.50. Yeah, that's right. Get it here (and check out their other kits!).

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