Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Adorable Note Cards

Let's be real with each other for a second.  Don't you love receiving mail - I mean, REAL, hand-written, personal note, mail?  My guess is that you don't get real mail very often, and probably send real mail even less.  Here's a reason to change that - these super cute note cards are a perfect celebration of spring and give you a great excuse to sit down (and RELAX!!) and write a loved one a little note.  It feels good to know you're brightening someones day a little, and let's face it - what's better than getting home from a long day at the office and finding a cute little note in your mailbox?  A touching little note always makes your daily stress seem a little less noticeable.  I already have the warm fuzzies.  And guess what - if you send a letter,  you might just get one in return.  Let's bring real and personal communication back, what do you say?  

Get these beautiful note cards here.  

Dear you, send someone a little note today!................XOXO, Tiff.     

1 comment:

  1. Hey Tiffany, remember me? If you send people to my store, they will be helping a locally owned small business and will be helped by an actual person who cares. I have pretty notes in my store!


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