Sunday, April 12, 2009

Do you have trouble finding things in your handbag?

No matter how big or small my handbag may be, I CAN NEVER FIND ANYTHING IN IT.  No, I didn't hit my caps lock accidentally.  It just really frosts my muffin when I have to dig around for 2-3 minutes to find my freaking keys.  I mean, they even jingle for crying out loud.  Anyway....I digress.  

The point of my little mini freak out here is that I found something that may solve all of my life's problems - well, at least the purse-related ones.  This little helper is called "The Drop In" and also seems to be referred to as a "Purseket."  Basically, it is a mini organizer that fits inside your purse, big or small.  It is little, but it looks like it can hold quite a bit...cell phone, glasses, KEYS.  

This will set you back $18.00 and can be found here

Here's to having a more organized hand bag.......XOXO, Tiff.  


  1. That's so cool, but what happens when you lose "the drop in" in your purse? haha, just kidding.

  2. Funny starshine - probably NOT out of the realm of possibilities for yours truly. :)


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