Friday, April 3, 2009

Flawless Face Extras

Now you've got your perfect-looking skin - you can stop there. But if you're anything like me, you don't. Here are some fun extras to really add some "ooomph" to your look.

Bare Escentuals makes all-over face powders that add a lot of glow to your skin. I'll begin with the least overwhelming plan - which is to snatch the complexion enhancers kit. I'm sure I will blog at some point about how utterly amazing B.E. kits are (you get great brushES - plural - not to mention a great amount of makeup for an unbelievable price), and this is no exception. This kit comes with four enhancers (well-rested for under eye brightening, pure radiance for a healthy glow, faux tan for a sun-kissed look, and feather light mineral veil for a translucent finishing powder) and 3 amazing brushes, in addition to a tutorial on how to use the products. The entire kit is $49 - which is an unbelievable deal, considering the brushes alone are at least $20 each.

In all, there are at least 20 different shades you can choose from to enhance your complexion. My favorite is flawless radiance (maybe I just like the word "flawless") - it is a beautiful shade that complements any skin tone and gives you that "lit from within" look that we're all searching for.

Check out all of the shades here...and promise not to be overwhelmed. In all honesty, you cannot go wrong with any of them. Use the same swirl, tap, buff method with these as you do with the foundation will not be sorry.

You glow girl (sorry, couldn't help it)........XOXO, Tiff.

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